The Veils Of Society

Every time an animal is admired for its simple-minded pleasures, for its innocent affect, for its artless being, it is admired for existing beyond the veils. Animals lie beneath the threshold of the veils, so they live in perfect, albeit simple, harmony with reality. They have no delusions, mistaken notions, or dysfunctional belief systems. They simply, charmingly, are.

Unfortunately humans, with their big brains, are too sophisticated to be content rolling around warm, grassy fields their entire lives. We envision our descendants exploring the stars, not merely existing in bucolic simplicity. So humans can never return to the field.

Our big brains have enabled us to organize into a society. Society has achieved no small number of technological and social miracles with far-reaching and multifaceted benefits for everyone involved. But society is ultimately a collection of imperfect individuals, so it too exemplifies imperfection.

Society is imperfect in a host of obvious ways: factious wars, grinding poverty, institutional racism, environmental destruction etc. The list goes on and on. But at the heart of all these problems lie only a handful of dissonant views.

The Veils.

Moving past them, dropping the mistakes of intuition and misguided notions that precipitate conflict, is one way society might evolve past its dysfunction. Failing to acknowledge the faulty thinking that produces the Veils is to remain oppressed by them. It is to forever welter in delusional catastrophes at the individual, interpersonal, and societal levels.

What are the Veils of Society?

The veils are any widely-held and arbitrary perspective that obscures an underlying reality. They are specious beliefs typically pervaded by culture, religion, and blind intuition. Solidified in our collective conscience by their mass acceptance, the veils are rarely challenged or even questioned.

The veils can be practical, but nonetheless create conflict as an inevitable effect of maligning Truth.  So they are not ideas to be rejected, nor abolished, but recognized as artificial constructs.

If well-being is linked to a mindset in harmony with reality, then moving beyond the Veils is a step towards greater quality of life.

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