Our Minds Are An Island

Aimed Inward defines itself as it challenges common intuition regarding the nature of identity. The notion of a static identity, an immutable soul, an inherent personality, is a dangerous assumption to hold. It is rigid and stagnant. It anchors us to our weaknesses, and suppresses us from reaching for new strengths.

Aimed Inward posits that identity is dynamic. It is a landscape that morphs constantly in response to its environment. New experiences raise new territory from the depths of ignorance. That land is tilled by conscious attention, made fertile by emotion. Seeds of advice are carried in on winds of influence. Insights and opinions sprout. Beliefs take root like flora that overtime grow into vast forests.

This landscape is diverse with deserts of apathy, jungles of passion, tundras of despair, valleys of fond memories, and bogs of frustration. And the thoughts adapted to each of those habitats are the animals that occupy them.

External forces also play a role in shaping this landscape. The rains of adversity can strengthen and nourish, or devestate in flood. The sunshine of fortune can bloom sweet fruit, or stifle growth with drought.

Now here’s what it’s all about. Through self reflection and self-awareness, we can become the stewards of our minds. We can cultivate any strong, meaningful habit, or root out any thorny vine of fear and insecurity. We can evict ourselves from depression, and climb out of despair. No quality of character is permanent or unattainable.

We can craft ourselves into whoever we want to be.

Aimed Inward is a blog about examining the island of our minds, and deciding what features are toxic, and which are nourishing. Sometimes even long-held, deeply-ingrained beliefs will fall under scrutiny.

I’ll write about my own journey and the experiences that revealed buried assumptions. I’ll write about insights I’ve gleaned applying a distinctive attitude. And still other posts will describe pillars of a philosophy that has allowed me to strike harmony between the world as I see it, and the world as it presents itself to me.

Thank you for reading.


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