Manifest Fantasy

Bananas for breakfast on the morning reality collided with a daydream. Who on social media hasn’t seen the edited photos of stunning foreign landscapes? The ones filtered until the colors glow unrealistically. The trees radiate neon green. The water shimmers an electric blue. All around the terrain is power washed. And the sun is always […]

Brain Stir Fry and Chinese Pop

There was the Fool, attending some Baby God’s birthday, surrounded by old Chinese men, celebrating at a potluck style dinner. There was a stage set up across the narrow street on which a stunning Chinese dancer belted out awful American pop songs. The Fool sat in a chair on the crumbling sidewalk and wondered if […]

Monkey Beach

Disio and I rented a bike to explore Taman Negara, a national park near Georgetown.  We packed barely enough supplies into Disio’s tiny backpack, picked up the bike, and went winding through the spiderweb of Pinang city streets. The streets in Malaysia are the result of an Asian culture successfully emulating the infrastructure of western […]

“The man had come so far. Out of a desolate ice field, across a vast swamp. He’d climbed fertile mountains, traversed a barren desert, and navigated a silent sea. He trudged now through a dense, dim forest. The ground was a sponge of dried leaves. The air was thick with suspended dust. Tangles of brush […]

Self-Destruction in Pinang

“I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.” ~Hunter S. Thompson Pinang Living… Riding across the bridge into Pinang was a surreal experience. The grey, concrete span was tunneled by familiar yellow streetlights. A stripe of red tail lights, and white headlights, stretched forward across the […]

What I’m On About

“Nature: the alpha and omega; the all-being whose infinite scope escapes description; which is in us, through us, and all around us; and which guides all life into being and lays it again to rest. As we ourselves are Nature, it is plain that a bounteous life is one in accord with Nature.” ~Archibald Felix   […]

Entropic Exchange

“Nature never undertakes any change unless her interests are served by an increase in entropy.” ~Max Planck “There is no concept in the whole field of physics which is more difficult to understand than is the concept of entropy, nor is there one which is more fundamental.” ~Francis Sears “Principles of Physics I: ” “Entropy is […]

Intrepid Hearts Deprived

“Traveling is like gambling: it is always connected with winning and losing and generally where it is least expected we receive, more or less, than what we hoped for.” ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe   Of course he’d stayed too long in Pinang. That’s what happens when a man with too much time stumbles onto a […]

Why Science?

Why Science? Because salt. There is an unknowable multitude of molecules of NaCl in a single grain of table salt (about 10^18, give or take). That number exceeds comprehension, but through Scientific inquiry we can fully grasp every molecule of every grain. We do not need to explore deeply the impossible number of individual characters […]

Jimmy’s Dillemma

On my last night in the Cameron Highlands, I caught the gaze of a familiar pair of heavy-lidded green eyes. They peered at me beneath a familiar head of wavy brown hair. They belonged to an Italian face that echoed faintly in my memory. As it turned out I’d met this fellow briefly in Kuala […]