Why I Surf

“All is born of water; all is sustained by water.” ~Johann Waolfgang Von Goethe Epiphanies come easy past the breaks. Gently bobbing up and down on salty swells produces a similar relaxed feeling to that of a shower’s warm soak. Wrapped in a panorama of beautiful scenery, and steeping in the tranquil broth from which […]

Foreign Allure

Tyson Rhodes was born to one parent whose volatile caprice had the effect on him of a meat tenderizer to a rib-eye. His other parent coddled him with a sweetness akin to honey marinade. Their polar personalities aside, they were dutiful parents who swaddled Tyson from deprivation and need. Consequently, by the time he entered […]

Two Auto-Biographies; A Contrast of Style and Substance

“I deserved kisses. I deserved to be treated like a piece of meat but also respected for my intellect.” ~Lena Dunham “For I have always held that it is only when one sees one’s own mistakes with a convex lens, and does just the reverse in the case of others, that one is able to […]

Two Flavors of Ego

I recently set upon a long-procrastinated goal of lightening my pack by unloading several journals I’d been carrying for years. The task presented a dilemma. Should I simply toss them and lose everything? Should I mail them home and lose access to the ideas?  Or should I copy them and then throw them away? Not so sentimental, […]

Own Your Face

“Most of us don’t own our faces… And sure the usual suspects are to blame; Hollywood, advertisers, our peers, our lovers. But you know who’s most to blame?… Us. The biggest obstacle to us owning our faces is us disowning them.” ~ Robert Hoge This article discusses the Ted talk Own Your Face by Robert […]

Wellspring of Belonging

The desire to feel belonging seems universally human. It transcends culture, nationality, religion, and every other social construct. That’s because the compulsion to belong, to fit in, stems from humanity’s inherent social nature. The depth and breadth of that craving varies greatly among individuals, but everyone feels it to some extent. So then to what […]

The Road to Chiang Mai

“The Traveler was active; he went strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The Tourist is passive.” ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Saving $12 on bus fare; but spending two days in sodden heat, sleeping on hard floors, and suffering pangs of doubt and uncertainty; is not an advisable transaction. It’s hilariously invalid from […]

The Slow Breaking Wave of Tourism

I recently posted an article in which I mentioned a malaise surrounding the shallowness of Southeast Asian travel. It’s fitting because I currently write from Kuta, Lombok, Indonesia; a town on the island just East of Bali, a town in the nascent throes of a tourism bloom. Lombok retains a majority of its simple, rural, […]

Explanation and Experience

‘Science without Religion is lame. Religion without Science is blind.’ ~Albert Einstein The concepts old Albert was mentioning here go deeper than what is traditionally viewed as ‘Science’ and ‘Religion.’ He meant more than the formal intellectual honesty, the encyclopedia of knowledge, and the controlled experimentation achieved through Scientific inquiry. And he also meant more […]

The Simple, Unexpected Pleasures

“The more a man knows about himself in relation to every kind of experience, the greater his chance of suddenly, one fine morning, realizing Who In Fact ‘he’ Is.” ~Alduous Huxley, Island White road-lines sped backward like ticks of a clock, measuring out time against distance. And the truck bed smelled of composting meat. The […]