Light of Pack, Light of Being

“He who travels happily, must travel light.”
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Because I so avidly encourage traveling for the lessons it teaches, I thought it would be helpful to dedicate this post to my version of packing light. All together, the items in the following list weigh about 20kg (44lbs), minus the surfboard and fire-staff. These 100 items, give or take, will be my only possessions for the foreseeable future. This, like my prior trip, will be a foray into minimalism.

My clothes are suited to every environment. I can stay dry in the rain, warm in the cold, and cool in the heat. I can hike up mountains, mosey through town, or stroll around camp. I can protect my eyes from bright sunshine and salty seas. My wardrobe bestows both physical comfort and the freedom from excessive laundering.

The ear plugs are absolute necessities for finding sleep in loud places. I have a defense against insects and UV radiation, as well as aches, pains, and microbial invasions. I carry a shelter, a bed, and a stove. The hammock is an incredibly versatile piece that can double as a lightweight sheet, or triple as a sun shade; it’s well worth the weight.

The sharpies are for writing hitch hiking signs and vandalizing bathrooms stalls. The zip ties and duct tape are for emergency repairs of torn straps. The USB sticks are for transferring digital information without internet. And the pens have written down everything from places to visit, to epiphanies, to journal entries, to love letters.

Obviously there are items in my pack that others wouldn’t include (i.e. Climbing harness, surfboard, and fire staff). Perhaps many travelers wouldn’t include a full camping setup. But the items I’ve included are necessary for the style of traveling that I pursue. This lightweight, minimalist design represents my own personal adaptation to world travel.

Without further ado…

Travel Inventory:
1. Large 50L backpack w/ detachable day pack
2. Two TSA approved Combination Locks
3. Backpack Rain Shell: keeps my shit dry
4. Compact down sleeping bag (0 Degrees Celsius)
5. U.S. Passport
6. Photo copies of Passport, Credit Cards, Driver’s License
7. Baggy of King Cash: U.S. Dollars
8. Black Chess King
9. Brass Compass
10. Old Fashioned Key to Nothing
11. Loose change from each country visited
12. Small LED penlight
13. Plastic Utensils Case
14. Two pens
15. Small notepad
16. Disposable Camera
17. Big, Black Sharpie
18. Swiss Army Knife
19. Bic Lighters Wrapped in Duct Tape
20. Wet Ones Baby Wipes:
21. Two Aluminium Water Bottles (1.25 Liters capacity)
22. Plastic Grocery bags
23. Plastic Playing Cards
24. Compact Hammock
25. Notebook
26. 10 meters of Paracord
27. Laptop Computer with case and power cord
28. External Hardrive
29. Headphones
30. iPhone with charger
31. Universal plug adapter
32. Wallet
33. Decoy Wallet
34. Emergency Blanket
35. Six Filthy Farm Girl Soap bars
36. Wash Cloth
37. Mosquito Repellant
38. Hackey Sack
39. Goggles
40. Leathermen Pocket Knife
41. Nylon Tie Strap
42. Mesh Stuff Sack
43. Collapsible Nylon Duffel
44. Two Micro Fiber Towels
45. Sierra Designs Down Jacket
46. Alpine Designs Collapsable Rain poncho
47. Backpacker’s Climbing Harnass
48. Hiking Shoes
49. Town Shoes: Black Vans
50. Flip Flops
51. Backpacker’s Tent: Kelty Crestone 2
52. Compact camping stove
53. Thermarest Sleeping Pad
54. Sewing Kit
55. Small First-Aid kit
56. Heaps more Earplugs
57. Big Leather Belt without buckle
58. Two extra pairs of headphones
59. 6’4″ Surfboard
60. 160cm Contact Fire Staff
61. Junk Pouch:
1. Wind up Flashlight
2. Matches
3. Extra Sharpies
4. USB Sticks
5. Zip Ties
6. Flint & Steel
1. Microfleece leggings
2. Silk Thermal
3. Thick Wool Socks
4. Gloves
5. Beanie
6. Black hoody
7. Four pairs of Socks
8. Long Sleeved Flannel
9. Short Sleeved Button Down Collared
10. Two Sleeveless t-shirts
11. Pair of Shorts
12. Pair of khaki North Face, waterproof, convertible pants
13. Rash Guard
14. Board Shorts
15. Three pairs of Underwear
16. Captain’s Hat
62. Shaving Kit
1. Safety Razor with extra blades
2. Boar Bristle Brush
3. Pocket Mirror
4. Soap Puck and bowl
63. Toiletries Case
1. Toothbrush and toothpaste, with spares
2. Deodorant and floss, with spares
3. Comb
4. Ear plugs
5. Nail clippers and Tweezers
6. Anti-Diahreal Pills
7. Vicodin, Codene, Ibuprofen

If there’s anything you might include, let me know in the comments. I’m always looking to improve the versatility of my pack.

Today I’ve leaped off the cliff. I hope to build an airplane before the ground rushes up to meet me. Welcome to the plummit!

Thank you for reading.


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