“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.”                                                                          ~Richard Feynman

Good morning. Welcome to Aimed Inward.

What is Aimed Inward?
Above all, Aimed Inward is a blog about questioning assumptions for the purpose of discovering a happier, more fulfilling way of life.  The fundamental position of this blog is that adhering to [Truth] will inevitably lead to well-being.

No single lifestyle, nation, or culture can provide a complete worldview.  All are subject to hidden biases.  They all contain weaknesses and inadequacies.  They all succumb to some amount of error.  But together, the societies of the world paint a more complete picture of Truth.

Aimed Inward scrutinizes held assumptions under the light of contrasting lifestyles.  Different beliefs are adopted from, and enacted in, different environments to gauge their utility.  They are further validated using objective reasoning.  See Experience and Explanation.

Universal substance is thus sifted from provincial style.  However, as valuable as substance is, the role of style is not marginalized.  There are perspectives and beliefs, habits and behaviors, that don’t find any basis in rational explanation but nonetheless add diversity, add personality, and add flavor to life.  So long as they don’t cause suffering in the holder or those around him, no protest will echo from this blog.  See [Substance and Style].

Who is the author?

Solo-nomad, iconoclast, Naturalist.  I was a kid lucky and unlucky in just the right ways.  Disillusioned by my narrow status quo, I abandoned it to discover a more robust outlook.

Traveling exposed me to the breadth of human experience.  A degree of self-loathing inclined me to defer to the practices of foreign cultures. And critical thought enabled me to confirm new paradigms that better augment quality of life.

Why do you care to read?

Because no one in this mad world lives entirely True.

Everyone holds beliefs that contradict reality.  Those beliefs manifest as behaviors which often cause friction in the form of struggle.  That struggle is a drain on energy, on happiness, and it’s an impediment to the improvement and progress we all want to realize in whatever form we define.

Aimed Inward examines common assumptions about the self, about people, and about society.  And it offers dispassionate claims that might remedy kinks in a reader’s worldview.

Ultimately I can only tell my own story.  I can only offer insight into how I’ve let the world dissolve my own cultural and personal biases, and how I’ve let it foster different qualities in their place.  But because I am human, I will occasionally err in making broad claims that only apply to a few.  Forgive me in advance.

That being said, the principles I laud are universal.

Who are the readers?
Aimed Inward originally launched with the lost and broken as its intended audience. I wanted to chronicle my own journey out of despair with the hope that it would help others.

But as the blog evolved, the ideas became relevant for more than just the forlorn. The insights offered became useful for enriching quality of life, not just salvaging it. So now Aimed Inward is for anyone who seeks to understand a little better the mad chaos of life; who seeks to live in greater harmony with reality; and who seeks a more deliberate, empowered, self-directed life.

Feel free to write me for topic requests or discussion.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy.


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