A Course Correction

“I feel overly married to the idea of traveling overland to Europe. Sure, I would see a lot, experience more. But more what? More of the same that I’ve already had my fill of. I’m realizing more and more the futility of such a venture. I still see how great it would be, but more for a younger me. Not so much now. I might just fly to places I really want to see; India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Israel. And carve away all the chafe in between. Or I might just fly home after some time.”

I’ve been grappling with a growing dissatisfaction regarding my aimless lifestyle on the road. There appears to be a limit to the dosage of Freedom one can self-administer.

Aside from the existential dilemma in which this places my life, it presents some confronting issues in regards to this blog. For so long I’ve apotheosized ┬átraveling for its endless virtue. Yet here I am hypocritically rescinding that sentiment.

I see that my blunder was not in extolling the advantages of travel. I’ve feasted on many, and grown an indefinable strength of character through them. My error was in naively assuming that a single track through life was sustainable, albeit one as diverse and fulfilling as an unbounded free-roam.

Fortunately for me, I don’t have a following. I’m not beholden to an audience to write about any particular topic. This makes it relatively easy to divert the focus of this blog onto a topic with greater relevance.

I’m also fortunate not in being confronted with a total overhaul. And dropping the devotion to pure-travel allows me to focus on more important topics. Many of the points about life, consciousness, change and growth, Science and Truth and Nature, remain exactly what I’d like to write about.

As it stands, I’m unhappy with the first-person, chronological diary that this blog has become. It has crawled too distant out on a limb of personal exposure, and for no discernible purpose. Shamefully, it has come to resemble a catalog of boasts. I need to abandon that track.

I’ll still sometimes present my own experience as a guinea pig subject, but articles should no longer be a story with interwoven insight. Articles should be insight backed by a specific experience when relevant.

Travel as a whole should be advised in much the same way. It is backwards to recommend travel in order to grow in ways X, Y, and Z. More apt is it to recommend growth in ways X, Y, and Z and then describe how travel is one way to achieve that growth.

The insight I’ve gained through my upbringing, education, introspection, and travels, remains at the heart of the messages I want to send. But I was mistaken in the notion that they’d intuitively bleed through in a day-by-day, week-by-week, account of how I came by them.

From here on, I will focus more on presenting novel ideas rather than subjective anecdotes.

Thank you for reading.


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