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My Credibility

A question I often ask myself is, ‘What makes my words true and valuable to potential readers?’  From where does credibility derive?  How is it earned? The pillar of greatest credibility for most blogs is social proof.  If enough people follow a blog, it must have value.  But for a fledgling writer, this presents a […]

Working for the Devil

In the Australian outback of Far North Queensland, I sat cross legged in the scrubby grass on a patch of coarse carpet. The ground was alive, thick with ants building their towers of dirt. The air was filled with bugs buzzing, and a myriad of birds calling out their cryptic songs. Wallabies hopped across the […]

Fond Farewell

Yesterday I left those I consider family. These words are written sadly. I remember sitting on the bricks out back nursing an anxiety that felt sharp in my gut. I’d felt it before on a train leaving Munich, a bus leaving Khon Kaen, on foot leaving a group of friends playing cards. It’s the feeling […]

When the Rains Came to Mardi Gras

I was soggy. The rain had come down and rinsed me of my warmth, my dryness, and my high. The rain had come down and flooded the roads, turning the town of Nimbin into an island. I was soaking wet, and adrenaline-buzzed from the mad sprint to cover when the skies cracked open and the […]

Butterflies are the Puppeteers of the Universe

“In the infinitely ramified web of actions that bind the universe in causality, our lives are only a tiny segment of the finest gossamer thread.” ~A.F. How did I come to be this way? How did I wind up traveling the world, posted up at the moment in a hostel on Bali? How was my […]

Embracing Transience

* Here’s a throwback article written a long time ago, but never posted.  I think it’s dense, overly florid, and wildly digressive.  It wallows in the abstract without a foundation of objective support.  Nonetheless, flux is the single most important topic I will write about, so I’ll broach it here. “Isn’t it sad how some […]

Richest Poverty

This one goes out to all the characters I met in that Bay called Byron. I believe that everyone should be homeless for a time. Go without a kitchen, a bedroom, a living room behind four walls and a locked door. Go without comfortable security, tidy sanctuary, convenient amenity. These things ensnare with the ease […]