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Hitching North

The most fatal poison to wanderlust is also its natural consequence; departure.  Often I’ll catch myself daydreaming about returning to this place or that.  I say to myself ‘I’ll come back and do that other thing. This place is so beautiful, I’ll spend another week here someday.’ But I’ve slowly awoken to the realization that dreams […]

A Brief History of Me

“I’ve lived out my melancholy youth. I don’t give a fuck anymore what’s behind me, or what’s ahead of me. I’m healthy. Incurably healthy. No sorrows, no regrets. No past, no future. The present is enough for me. Day by day. Today!” ~Henry Miller Tropic of Cancer I never heard a believable story growing up. […]

Gone Awhile

I haven’t written since June. In the past, neglect of this blog has been the consequence of a daunting environment, or a vibrant one. Motivation has been stripped by lethargy, dull routine, and 40 hours of drudgery per week. Then, when plunged into the world of travel, motivation was again swept away by a deluge […]