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Our Minds Are An Island

Aimed Inward defines itself as it challenges common intuition regarding the nature of identity. The notion of a static identity, an immutable soul, an inherent personality, is a dangerous assumption to hold. It is rigid and stagnant. It anchors us to our weaknesses, and suppresses us from reaching for new strengths. Aimed Inward posits that […]

A New Take On Love

“The core problem with romantic love is that it hopes to freeze a beautiful moment.” ~Goethe   I believe that romantic love is over-emphasized by culture. ┬áPeople become convinced that love is a perfect, enduring paradise blooming with deep happiness and boundless understanding. ┬áBut that image is often painfully shattered by the realities of living. […]

Atavistic Laughter

“At the same time it should be noted that ancientness is a great validator among the people of your culture, so long as it’s restricted to that function. They esteem the values and traditions of wiser, nobler ancestors and deplore their disappearance, but they have no interest in living the way those wiser, nobler ancestors […]

In Another Life

I flew into Auckland Airport from the West as the sun rose over it from the East. I enjoy airports in the same way I enjoy all excessively solemn, overly official places. My mind becomes an oasis of impertinence behind the facade of a blank face. It makes me secretly giddy. I pity every straight-backed, […]