A Dip in Surly Waters

Next I went to Kuala Lumpur. Just ‘went’ there. The banality of the word fits my experience of Malaysia’s capital. I spent three days. It was a massive city like massive cities are. I snapped a selfie in front of the Petronas towers. I ran the boulevard of banks in the pouring rain at night. […]


“My home is a tent in the bush. My home is a descending elevator, the back of a van, a library table. My home is the back seat of a car with the window rolled down. My home is a dusty, abandoned construction site. My home is a scorching hot roadside. My home is a […]

The Ninth Veil

“The ninth veil represents the illusion that the words people communicate are unanimously and exactly congruent with the ideas to which they refer.” ~A.F. I strolled down Smith street feeling confident and hungry. Teams of people shouldered past, peppering me with excited snippets of conversation, charging the hot night with their wild optimisms. I nudged […]

Get Healthy

  February, 4th, 2008: That date marks, as distinctly as any other, the start of my salvation from my own deepest depression. The night of the 4th was the first I ran. I remember wallowing in the familiar morass of frustration and despair. But the momentary impulse, that would spark a new era, is too […]

The Veils Of Society

What are the veils of society? The veils of society are anything and everything that humans have constructed that throws their perception of reality into disharmony. Every time I have ever admired an animal for its simple-minded pleasures, for its innocent affect, for its artless being, I am admiring its existence beyond the veils. Animals […]

Attacking Convention With Drunken Discourse

*Maybe don’t read this article. The gist of it can be summed up as a critique of modern consumerism, and a frustrated attempt to discuss alternative economic systems. A more important theme is related through challenging the status-quo. This is a habit endorsed for its individual benefits, and regarded as crucial for collective world reform. […]

Madness & Haze

Haze was an abstract concept to me before I flew into Singapore. To be in a haze referred to a lack of mental clarity. Haze was a temporary condition suffered by mad Westerners before they’d had their morning coffee. It wasn’t an encroaching menace. It wasn’t even tangible. But in Singapore, to be in a […]

Why Do I Travel?

This one’s for you Kelsey.  Better late than never. An old friend once asked me why I choose to travel. If I could answer her now, I’d say ‘To tell a better story.’ From March 4th, 2015: In a letter to Kelsey: “An ongoing mission of mine is to answer the question, in as many […]

The Search for Stuck

Life was easy, but living was difficult. The fifth vertebrate in the lumbar region of my spine was herniated… again.  Simply put, my back was broken. The interrupted sleep was the worst of it.  Slumber was shallow and brief, and felt like a chore. Comfort was a physical impossibility. Nights were chopped into three-hour segments, […]

What Breaks the Camel’s Back

It all started with a sip of orange juice. The wonder of international travel is enjoyed even by microscopic organisms. If they could, bacteria would rejoice about the proliferation of intercontinental flights. These days they can spread overseas within the bodies of humans hurtling through the skies. One strain hitching a ride inside a British […]